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Dan moving computer equipment in his
shop on Dewey Avenue in Greece.
"I feel 150% better since recovering from my spine surgery," said Dan Graves, owner of Katronic Computers on Dewey Avenue in Rochester.

As a small business owner, Dan does it all. He not only fixes computers and teaches his customers how to use them, but he is the muscle behind the business too—lifting and moving heavy computer equipment. That's what started his back problems.

Dan recalls that his back had been achy and sore for a while when he decided to take out four big fir trees in his yard. In the process of digging out the tree stumps, a disc fragment broke off, and became lodged between his spine and the sciatic nerve.

"My back was really a mess. After a couple of months of over-the-counter pain medication and working with a chiropractor, my wife insisted I call the Spine Center at Unity Hospital," he said.

Cecelia Ransom, M.D. started treating Dan with physical therapy and medications. Within weeks it was evident that physical therapy and medications weren't fixing the problem. 

Following a surgery consult with Paul Maurer, M.D., on a Friday, Dan had surgery the following Monday. Dan reports that his pain relief was almost immediate after surgery.

"Our experience at the Spine Center and Unity Hospital was just great!" said Dan. He explained that his wife felt at ease about how the nurses and doctors kept her informed every step of the way.

Dan is glad to be back at the helm of his business. "When you own your own business, you can't afford to be sick. The Spine Center and the doctors at Unity helped me get back to work and taught me how to work ‘smart' to take care of my back and prevent future injury."