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Carol and her husband Richard in their
Greece home.
Carol Ostrander has suffered with back problems for over 30 years because she has scoliosis. When her physician, Mark Reifenstein, M.D. recommended she call the Spine Center at Unity Hospital, the 66 year-old Greece resident wasn't too excited about seeing yet another specialist. Now she is happy she made that call.

"I'm really glad I went to the Spine Center," said Carol. "Dr. Ransom is just great. After I went through physical therapy, I was back to my jazzercise classes."

Cecelia Ransom, M.D., treated Carol with a variety of conservative approaches, including physical therapy, a back brace and medication. Dr. Ransom said that Carol has a great attitude about her health.

"Dr. Ransom said I have done myself a lot of good by staying active and taking up jazzercise, which has become my passion! I know that I will never be 100%, but the things I learned from Dr. Ransom and at Unity Physical Therapy have made a big difference in controlling my back pain," said Carol. "I'm really looking forward to the new Unity facility at Ridgeway. I am going to start aqua therapy there as soon as it opens!"