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Mike was working as an engineer at Martec Industries, a manufacturing company, in January 2004 when he suffered a brain aneurysm. After a month-long hospitalization, he came to Unity to start the long journey back. When he arrived, Mike couldn’t walk or feed himself, and could barely talk. 

Mike’s wife, Sue, shares their experience with Unity…

We were very unsure about Mike’s future when we first got to Unity. I remember him holding his shirt in his hands, and not knowing what to do with it. He just didn’t realize how sick he was. I tried to stay strong throughout this ordeal, but that moment really got to me.

But he kept improving—within two weeks, he was walking. He was going through speech, physical, and occupational therapy every day. They worked him hard, and he did remarkably well. One of the best examples of the caring staff was when the speech therapy department was helping Mike sign a Valentine’s Day card for me. It made me cry.

After three and a half weeks at Unity, Mike continued with outpatient therapy for another six weeks or so. By April, he was driving again and went back to work part-time; by August, he was back at work full-time.

And Mike tells us…

The staff was great—they’re really good people, and they couldn’t have been more encouraging and supportive, especially Dr. Mary Dombovy. She was fantastic. We still stop by Unity every once in a while to thank them again!