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Anthony, a Rochester police officer, was shot in the back of the head while responding to a call in January 2009. After emergency surgery and about two weeks of intensive care, he was transferred to Unity.

Anthony’s mom, Joanne, tells us his story…

Unity came highly recommended—they have the most advanced rehab facilities available. Dr. Dombovy was wonderful, and the therapists were very good to him. They push just hard enough and he’s happy with the progress he’s made. In fact, he has amazed all the doctors involved in his treatment!

The Unity staff was friendly, extremely helpful, and accommodating. They even set up a small hospitality room because we had so many family, friends, and fellow officers coming to visit—but Anthony needed to stay quiet and rest! The support from the whole community has been fantastic.

Anthony came home April 1, and he's still undergoing therapy. He hopes to be back on the force next year…

And Anthony himself says:

The real miracle was the doctors and staff who took care of me. I’m here today because of them and all they've done for me.