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Joanne Lagona Sucess Story

Joanne works in a school and during a recent fire drill she was one of the last people out of the building, she didn’t want to be that person.

Joanne Lagona

Total Right Knee Replacement
Unity Joint Replacement Center

Joanne Lagona always admired her father’s active life-style. What’s not to admire, he taught aerobics classes until he was 82! Watching him take care of himself while he aged was inspiring. When he started feeling pain in his knee and wasn’t ready to slow down yet, he had a knee replacement from Dr. Stefanich at the Unity Joint Replacement Center. So when Joanne began feeling pain in her knee, to the point where she couldn’t walk, she knew just what to do.

When Joanne went to the doctor and looked at x-rays of her legs she could see that she was becoming bow-legged and it was actually making her lose more than an inch of height. She and Dr. Stefanich agreed it was time for a knee replacement. She knew this would be effective because it had worked so well for her father. Friends and co-workers who knew how difficult it was for her to move before the surgery are amazed at her outcome.

It has improved the quality of her life so much that she encourages others with similar issues to get it done. She is patiently waiting the six months until she can go back to the Joint Replacement Center and get her other knee done.

Three weeks after surgery Joanne was traveling to Romania to visit her husband who was there for work. So much for a knee slowing her down! I think her Dad would be proud.