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As an active member and trustee at the Eagles Club, Salvatore Valenti leads a very active lifestyle. Before his hip operation, "I had to walk with a cane - all stooped over," he says.

That all changed two months ago for the 84 year-old when he had a total hip replacement at the Joint Replacement Center at Unity Hospital. He's back to cooking meals, having meetings, socializing and planning for their Christmas party. With more than 300 members at his club, that keeps him very busy.

Salvatore, a Xerox retiree, thought he was too old to have a hip replacement, but his son "really pushed me and I'm so glad he did. Now I have no pain, I feel great!"

At inpatient rehab after his operation, he looked forward to going to rehab breakfast every morning. It was a favorite part of his experience. He particulary enjoyed working with Anna Morreale, Orthopaedic program clinician. "Anne was so wonderful," he says.