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Alison Symonds at home in Hilton with her family. Pictured left to right are Michael, 7; David, 8; Tiffany, 15; Glenn, 9 months; Clint Sr. (husband); Clint Jr., 2; Eddie, 12; and Julia, 6.

Alison Symonds
August Family Birth Place at Unity Hospital

I love to tell people that I have seven children and I’ve given birth at every hospital in town! My last baby was my first experience at Unity Hospital, and I wish I’d had all of my babies there!

At other hospitals, I felt like a number. Some of them weren’t clean, and the nurses made you feel like you were bothering them when you had questions or concerns. But at Unity, whenever I had questions for the doctors or staff, they responded right away, and they were always happy to help.

Even though it was my seventh child, I was still nervous and a little panicky at times, but everyone stayed calm and never worried me. When I finally had my baby, they were wonderful and professional – and they reassured me that everything was going well. You almost forget you’re in labor!

They also allowed my mother-in-law to be in the room with me, which meant the world to her. And afterward, all of our visitors raved about the hospital – the nice, friendly staff and the clean, comfortable rooms.

I really loved my obstetrician Dr. Chin – she’s outstanding! With her, I can be myself and talk openly. I’m never afraid to ask her anything.

Overall, I’m very impressed with everything about Unity – there’s no other place for me. In fact, I’m considering going for an L.P.N. degree, and Unity will be the first place I go to apply for a job!