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A comprehensive, patient-centered approach

Our goal is to get you to the proper medical specialist in the least amount of time—and then to ensure that the treatment you’re receiving is actually working.

Right from your first call, you’ll see just how patient-centered our approach really is. We evaluate each patient and create a comprehensive, customized treatment plan. And you’ll be able to access all of the services you need right at Unity.

Intake process
Your journey starts with a simple phone call to our Spine Center. 

Nurse navigator and communications
Putting together the resources you need to start treatment now

Intake process

Your journey to improved physical functioning starts with a simple, 15-minute phone call. Our intake coordinator will go through a comprehensive patient history with you that includes descriptions of your pain, when it started, and previous medical treatments you’ve had. This information is forwarded to our nurse navigator, who then meets with our doctors.

Within three days, you will be contacted by our nurse navigator with a customized treatment plan. 

Our nurse navigator will continue to follow up with you throughout your treatment to make sure that you’re progressing—and that your health is improving. Once you’re a patient of our Center, we’ll make sure you get results.

Nurse navigator and communications

Coordinating your care every step of the way 
While an interdisciplinary team works together on your behalf to determine the most appropriate care, your progress will be managed by our specially trained nurse navigator. Once you’ve completed the intake call, your nurse navigator will contact you to discuss a proposed plan. We will communicate directly with your primary care doctor and coordinate diagnostics, physician appointments, treatment, and therapy.

Your nurse navigator will follow up with you to be sure your treatment is working—and you can feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns.