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Park Ridge Living Center, Wegman Family Cottages 

1555 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 723-7205 general information
(585) 368-6565 admission information 

Park Ridge Living Center has served elders and their families since 1972. Our mission is to provide quality care, independence, and a positive living experience for patients and residents. The mission is achieved through the core values of Unity Health System: respect, quality service, empowerment, compassion, and creativity. 

In 2013, Park Ridge Living Center received a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Only 10% of nursing homes in the country attain the five star rating that Park Ridge Living Center attained. Click here to read more about this prestigious designation.

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Park Ridge Living Center, Wegman Family Cottages - Embracing a New Model of Care 
Park Ridge Living Center opened the Wegman Family Cottages on the Unity Park Ridge Health Care Campus in Greece.

The Wegman Family Cottages embrace a new model of care for Living Center elders (residents), where they are encouraged to make their own choices, and provided a home environment in which they will live and share life’s journey. 

Often referred to as the Culture Change model, this is a new approach to traditional skilled nursing care. Combining our caring philosophy, home organizational structure, and inviting architecture, we have carefully removed institutionalization from the long-term care model. Each day revolves around the elder, focusing on independence, dignity, choice, and keeping decision-making as close to the elder as possible, while providing the appropriate medical and clinical services they need. 

Specialized services include physical and occupational therapies, speech-language pathology, medical care, specialized dietary services, social work services, and pharmacy services. In addition, several specialty services are offered, including psychiatry, dentistry, and podiatry. 

The Wegman Family Cottages are designed around the small home concept. Each of the four ranch-style cottage homes has 20 private rooms, each with a private bath. The central dining area is easily accessible with adjacent kitchen and living room areas. The kitchen is designed to encourage participation of the elders in meal planning and preparation, just like at home. 

Care in the Cottages is provided by a new multi-talented worker, called a shahbaz. The shahbaz assists each elder in embracing their individual abilities. These workers are certified nursing assistants, and trained in safe food handling, cooking, home maintenance, activities, and housekeeping. They work in concert with a clinical support team of nurses, therapists, medical clinicians, and social workers who visit the home, much like the routine you would find in home health care. Nursing staff collaborates with elders and their families to provide personalized care for each elder to foster independence. 

The small home model, known as Green House® homes, began in Tupelo, Mississippi. Research on this model of care has found higher satisfaction levels among elders, their family members, and staff, less decline in activities of daily living, reduced incidence of elder depression, use of fewer medications, and improved overall quality of life.