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Sports Concussion Program

Unity at Ridgeway
2655 Ridgeway Avenue, Suite 420
Rochester, NY 14626
Phone: (585) 723-7972
Fax: (585) 368-3119

As part of the Mild Head Trauma/Post Concussive Syndrome Clinic, Unity’s Sports Concussion Program is designed to address the specific needs of the athlete who has sustained a concussion.

An estimated 10 percent of all athletes participating in contact sports suffer a concussion each season. Concussions occur when a blow to the head or the neck temporarily interrupts brain function. The effects of these events differ between individual athletes, and many mild concussions go undiagnosed or unreported. Although most athletes recover from their concussions completely and can return to play safely following an appropriate period of recovery, knowing when it is safe to return to play in order to avoid more serious injury is crucial.

The Unity Sports Concussion Program was designed to address the comprehensive needs of the concussed athlete, in order to facilitate recovery and safe, confident return to play. The highly experienced and skilled professional staff of the Sports Concussion Program are dedicated to providing high level services in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and overall care of the athlete who has sustained a concussion.

What we offer
The Sports Concussion Program is designed to tailor rehabilitation to an individual’s specific needs. The program is staffed and directed by a board certified neurologist/physiatrist and a board certified clinical neuropsychologist who, combined, have over 30 years of experience in evaluating and treating traumatic brain injury of all levels of severity. Each doctor also has a faculty appointment at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

Following evaluation and assessment, patients will receive prompt treatment, which may include: medical care from a physician, ongoing services (e.g., serial assessment, mild head injury education, counseling, cognitive therapy), and/or a referral to our extensive network of physician specialists and ancillary medical professionals.

One of the core assessment procedures used in this clinic will be ImPact (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing), an objective computerized test that is currently used by the NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and many high schools and colleges. The use of ImPact enables our doctors to conduct a simple, 20-minute computer evaluation of an athlete’s neurocognitive status (i.e., memory, processing speed, and other related functions) following concussion.

In addition to computerized testing, athletes/patients in this clinic will also undergo a broader neurologic and neuropsychological examination in order to ensure that all the information needed for the proper evaluation and treatment of mild head trauma is obtained. Treatment of postconcussive syndrome in general will focus on individual patient responsibility, patient education, symptom reduction, and promoting a return to previous lifestyle and function. Treatment/evaluation of sports concussions will, in addition, focus on safe return to play and reducing the possibility of second impact syndrome.

We also provide consultation and training of coaches, athletic trainers, and other sports personnel helping to fulfill one of the Program’s major purposes: to help prevent, manage, and minimize the effects of mild head trauma occurring within the context of sports.