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Mild Head Trauma Clinic

Unity at Ridgeway
2655 Ridgeway Avenue, Suite 420
Rochester, NY 14626
Phone: (585) 723-7972
Fax: (585) 368-3119

Unity Health System offers the first interdisciplinary clinic in the Rochester area specifically designed for the assessment and rehabilitation of persons who have experienced mild head trauma. The Mild Head Trauma/Post Concussive Syndrome Clinic serves patients who continue to experience concerning or disabling symptoms following a mild head trauma.

Interdisciplinary Team Approach
The Mild Head Trauma/Post Concussive Syndrome Clinic is designed to tailor rehabilitation to an individual's specific needs. Patients are assessed by board-certified physicians and neuropsychologists, both with extensive experience in head trauma.

Following assessment, patients will receive prompt treatment, which may include any of the following: medical care from a physician; evaluation, education, and treatment by a neuropsychologist; assessment and rehabilitation of functional issues by a physical, occupational, recreation, or speech therapist.

Treatment of post concussive syndrome will focus on individual patient responsibility and patient education, minimizing symptoms, and promoting a return to previous lifestyle and function. Individual and group counseling through our extensive referral network is available for patients to facilitate education, treatment, and recovery.

Patients assessed with a more significant head injury (for example, an abnormal neurologic exam or brain imaging study) will have access to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program with an established brain injury rehabilitation team. Patients requiring additional mental health evaluation and treatment will have access to Unity’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Department.

Mild Head Trauma
Mild head trauma is defined as an injury to the head with
• Loss of consciousness for up to 30 minutes
• A grossly normal neurological examination
• A normal CT or MRI examination of the brain following injury
Frequently, persons with mild head trauma may not experience or report any loss of consciousness.

Mild head trauma has an incidence of 130 cases per 100,000 people each year. The majority of those who experience mild head trauma have transient signs and symptoms that recover spontaneously over a few days to weeks with minimal to no disability. However, a sizeable portion of those who have mild head trauma develop persistent symptoms that affect their individual, family, work, and recreational functioning.

Early Detection and Intervention
Mild head trauma research indicates that early detection and intervention in many cases minimizes the degree of disability and fosters community reintegration. The mission of the Mild Head Trauma/Post Concussive Syndrome Clinic is to provide appropriate assessment and treatment of such individuals.