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Free Wireless Internet at Unity Hospital

Unity Health System is proud to provide our patients, families, and visitors with another convenient service – free wireless Internet service! Unity Wi-Fi is available at Unity Hospital in the main lobby, cafeteria, Surgical Services waiting room, the Emergency Center waiting room, and will be expanding to more areas soon.

Access is easy. Most laptops with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities or with a wireless adapter can quickly connect with Unity’s Web network. If you are using Windows XP, the easiest way to connect to Unity Wi-Fi is to use your computer’s built-in configuration tool. Look for the icon that looks like a computer in the System Tray located in the lower right corner of your screen (by the clock). Click on it and choose ‘View Wireless Networks.’ You should see ‘Unity_Public_WIFI’ listed. Select it and click. You should now be connected!

Unity Wi-Fi is stable, strong, and flexible – to minimize or eliminate connectivity issues. All you need is a wireless-enabled computer and a web browser. Because there are so many computer brands, operating systems, and network configurations, we cannot guarantee you will be able to connect to Unity Wi-Fi, and we are unable to provide technical support beyond the information provided here.

While Unity takes every precaution to keep Unity Wi-Fi secure, no Internet provider can insure the complete security of sensitive information over wireless connections. It is recommended that users of Unity Wi-Fi take precautions to protect their computer, such as installing security software, a firewall, and anti-virus protection. Unity Health System assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations or security breaches resulting from the connection and use of Unity Wi-Fi.

If you are having difficulty connecting to Unity Wi-Fi, click here for additional information that may help.