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News from Unity

Unity Hospital Acquires da Vinci Surgical System to Offers Patients Robotic-Assisted Surgery


(Rochester, N.Y. December 9, 2011) – Unity Hospital announced today it has acquired the da Vinci Surgical System, which will allow the Hospital’s L.M. Salmen Surgical Center to expand minimally invasive surgical capabilities into the world of robotic-assisted surgery.

“Our primary goal is to improve service to our patients and provide options for our surgeons,” said Nagendra Nadaraja, M.D., chair of the Department of Surgery at Unity Hospital. “Unity has been offering minimally invasive procedures for some time; however, adding robotic-assisted surgery will allow us to offer minimally invasive procedures to more patients at Unity Hospital.

“This is certainly an exciting addition to the Hospital’s technology and an important enhancement to our surgical offerings,” added Stewart Putnam, chief operating officer of Unity Hospital.

Minimally invasive techniques allow surgeons to perform procedures using small incisions versus traditional open incisions. Benefits to patients include faster recovery, less pain, less blood loss, and potentially less risk of infections.

The da Vinci robot will be used by a variety of specialties at Unity Hospital, including:

Gynecological Urology
General Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery has grown significantly since being approved by the FDA in 2000. It offers patients a comprehensive surgical programs.