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News from Unity

Unity Health System Celebrates Arrival of Mobile Medical Unit

Unit Provides Onsite Care to Thousands of Rochester’s Homeless

 Rochester, N.Y. (September 8, 2011) –   Unity Health System unveiled today its new Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) for its Health Reach Health Care for the Homeless program.

The 40-foot traveling medical unit offers dental services, primary, and urgent care to Rochester’s 8000 homeless adults and children.  Staffed with health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, social workers and counselors, the MMU travels to shelters and other community service providers to provide on site care.

“We are proud to be the community provider of health services to our homeless men, women, and children who are most vulnerable and in need of care,” said Warren Hern, CEO of Unity Health System. “The MMU provides them access to care so that they can get well and stay well. “

Several service are offered to patients who seek care at the MMU, including , health assessments, referrals to health services, coordination with primary care providers, TB screenings,  immunizations, gynecological care, well-child services,  substance abuse evaluations, mental health evaluations, dental care,  and HIV/AIDS education and testing.

“The new MMU is designed to meet the needs of the people it serves,” added Michael Nazar, M.D., vice president of Primary Care & Community Services at Unity Health System. “In addition to primary care, and other services, we most pleased to have an area and staff dedicated to dental care.  There is growing evidence that dental health has a tremendous impact on overall health.”

The MMU contains modern technology, including electronic medical records.  It has private exam rooms and a dedicated dental area.  In 2010, Health Care for the Homeless provided care to approximately 1800 adults and 450 children; 600 were treated by staff of the MMU The new unit will allow the volume of patients treated at the MMU to double.

Unity’s Health Care for the Homeless MMU is the only one if its kind in Upstate New York . The new MMU replaces an older unit that had been in operation for 16 years old. Thanks to the generosity of many donors including Mr. and Mrs. Danny Wegman, Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Penna, the Park Ridge Auxiliary, and LeChase Construction, over $300,000 was raised at the Unity Health Foundation Annual Spring Gala to support the MMU and Unity Health System.