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Working Within Unity Health System

Our administration is not a bureaucracy—our goal is to create an environment where you can do what you do best: practice medicine. You’ll have the tools, the technology, and the team you need to truly make a difference.

Putting patients first 
At Unity, patients come first. Our patient-centered approach is evident throughout the entire health care process.

"How health care should be" Our staff, our facilities, and our technology represents health care as we truly believe it should be. We set the standards for quality, safety, efficiency, and performance.

Living here
The Greater Rochester area is an ideal place to raise a family, pursue your interests, and enjoy life outside of the clinical setting. 

Putting patients first

Everyone at Unity works hard to deliver the highest quality care and maintain a safe, friendly, collaborative environment that benefits everyone—patients, families, and our team. At Unity, we: 

  • Encourage patients to take an active role in their own care and speak up if they have questions or issues. 
  • Follow prescribed order sets at the time of admission. By screening patients for “red flag” issues, we optimize care and prevent potential complications. 
  • Set high standards for accountability by publicizing a comprehensive range of data on outcomes, satisfaction ratings and other measures—part of our groundbreaking Care to Compare program. 
  • Adopt the patient safety goals established by The Joint Commission each year. Teams of physicians and other employees develop action plans, provide support, and help track our progress toward these objectives. 
  • Reinforce the importance of open, honest communication among all members of the Unity family, including administrators, physicians, the nursing team, staff members, patients, and their families. 

"How health care should be.”

The right environment. The right equipment. The right support staff. The right physicians. Unity has worked hard over the years to develop a friendly, comfortable, team-oriented atmosphere that attracts talented and compassionate physicians and staff.

By constantly working to improve in all areas, we will continue to achieve high patient and employee satisfaction rates, and develop world-class clinical services.

If this is the kind of community-oriented health care system that appeals to you, we invite you to explore the opportunities for physicians in our clinical departments and our primary care group.