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“We’re doing exciting, innovative things here at Unity … this is a great place to work!"

Ann Marie Utter, R.N., Nurse Manager Unity Living Center

Nursing is a great field because you’re helping other people and there are a variety of jobs available, so you can find the job that’s just right for you.

Long-term care is unique in that we try to make a health care setting as home-like as possible for elders, and we’re working very closely with families as well.

I joined Unity more than 15 years ago – I really like it here because I have easy access to my managers and they truly want to hear what I have to say. The leadership team listens to us and actually uses our ideas.

Since our organization is smaller than others, we can take a unique approach that makes things work better in general – and that allows us to make the kinds of enhancements that ultimately benefit the patients. It can be a lot harder to get things done in larger organizations.

We’re doing exciting, innovative things here at Unity, including using electronic medical records This is a great place to work!

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