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Older Adult Program Addressing the Unique Needs of Older Adults

Unity Chemical Dependency offers an outpatient treatment program designed specifically for older adults. This program provides a supportive, sensitive, and safe environment for older adults to explore the unique issues that they face, in addition to those traditionally encountered in chemical dependency recovery. 

The program is focused on establishing the foundation for lasting recovery and addresses related issues, such as medical problems, that may be contributing to excessive use of alcohol or prescription medication. Clients are involved in individual, group, and family therapy and work together with other older adults to establish healthy, sober support networks and stress management tools.

Our program treats the whole person - mind, body, spirit. Treatment topics include:
  • Eating, nutrition, and recovery
  • Stress management techniques
  • Grief and loss
  • Reminiscent therapy
  • Sober recreation
  • Relationship building
  • Family of origin, family dynamics
  • Emotional, sexual, and physical abuse
  • Vocational issues and volunteerism
  • Medication needs

Experience and Caring Treatment Team

Our team of therapists, psychiatrists, and nutritionists understands the unique challenges older adults face. We help our clients understand the psychological impact of excessive use of alcohol or prescription medication and help them rebuild healthy stress management tools. We also work with our clients’ medical teams when necessary to identify and address potential medical needs.

Relapse-prevention Planning

Because of the difficult nature of recovery, relapse-prevention planning is critical for success. We work with each client on a relapse-prevention plan to help them maintain lasting abstinence. We include clients’ families and medical teams in these plans, as appropriate.

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