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Mary Dombovy, M.D.

Patients on Unity Health System’s Brain Injury Unit often need to re-learn what most of us take for granted: how to walk, how to talk—simple, but crucial skills that a brain injury can take away in an instant.

Dr. Mary Dombovy leads an experienced, compassionate team of professionals who provide medical care, rehabilitation, and hope to patients and their families. “The staff is successful because they work so well as a team,” Dr. Dombovy says. “They have a gift for keeping patients motivated an optimistic during long weeks or months of therapy.”

Unity Health’s Brain Injury Unit is a nationally recognized program that cares for patients after traumatic brain injury caused by accidents, strokes, or illnesses. It’s the only licensed inpatient acute brain injury program in upstate New York and the only one in western New York that treats children.

Building the Unit into a center of excellence is Dr. Dombovy’s passion—like seeing patients take their first step.