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Stroke Rehabilitation

We help more than 100 patients recover from stroke every year. If you are a patient at Unity Hospital, a designated Stroke Center, you will be referred for a rehabilitation needs assessment as part of your continuum of care.

Stroke Specialty Program:

Stroke Rehabilitation at the Acute Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Program provides exceptional services in the continuum of care provided by Unity Health System’s Stroke Center of Excellence. Upon admission, rehabilitation is initiated by a specialized team including physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, therapists, a dietician, neuropsychologist and case manager. The team is experienced in assessing physiologic and cognitive changes following stroke.

Throughout the continuum of stroke rehabilitation, treatment of individuals with stroke focuses on the prevention, recognition, assessment, and treatment of conditions related to stroke and its complications. These conditions will be assessed, treated and monitored as determined by the team.

  Conditions related to stroke: angina, anxiety bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, cardiac arrhythmias, central post stroke pain syndrome, congestive heart failure, contracture, complex regional pain syndrome, dehydration, deconditioning, degenerative joint disease, dementia, depression, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, dysphagia, emotional lability, exercise intolerance, falls and injuries, fatigue, hypertension, malnutrition, obesity, orthostatic hypotension, pneumonia, pressure ulcers, etc.

Another goal of stroke rehabilitation is to promote healthy lifestyle changes that focus on reducing the risk factors for recurrent stroke.

  Risk factors for recurrent stroke may include: Hypertension, coronary disease, obesity, thromboembolic disease, smoking, diabetes mellitus,
high alcohol intake, and high cholesterol.

Additional information regarding these conditions and risk factors can be found at www.stroke.org, our affiliate community-based effort www.starochester.com, and www.heart.org.

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