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Stress Management 

Find the Beauty in You

The relationship we have with our bodies is a key element in our overall physical and emotional health. We often seek to improve or address issues of the body and mind separately, but it is within this connection that healing and wellness takes place. 
Dr. Shannon Chavez
                                                 Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Sexologist


For most people, focusing on your body whether it’s through diet, exercise or both does not happen in an emotional vacuum. When you decide to change eating habits or a routine lacking in physical activity, it’s usually because you are told or you decide that something is wrong with you. You’re too heavy. You’re too sedentary. You’re too unhealthy.
In reaction to the negativity surrounding the pressure to change our bodies, Terry Steele facilitates a program focused on finding the beauty within. This uplifting and fun group, which meets weekly, introduces topics and speakers guided by what members want and need to feel good about themselves. Based on the premise that you help yourself by helping others, the group works together through frank discussions, honest humor and supportive friendships to get everyone loving themselves and what they look like.

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Retreat and Relax into Yoga

William Broad, a reporter for The New York Times and author of The Science of Yoga, refers to this ancient form of movement as “an antidote for a chaotic world.” Yoga offers many potential benefits including:
  • Decreased back discomfort, muscle tension, and pain
  • Improved posture
  • Stress relief
  • More energy and less mental fatigue
Hatha Yoga classes provide a strong foundation in alignment and breathing and help you discover healthy movement patterns while resetting old habits. After establishing a strong foundation, classes progress into more strength-building poses and flexibility-based movements.

Unity, in cooperation with Inward Office, a provider of on-location yoga, offers an ever expanding variety of classes to satisfy a range of needs and abilities. These $20 classes, which typically run for eight weeks, take place at various Unity campuses.  
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