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Thrive Stories

A Slimmer, Faster, Healthier Version of Mike Woodbury

Competitive running was not always Mike Woodbury’s passion.

It all began in fall 2007 when he snuffed out his 23-year pack-a-day smoking habit with a little help from the drug Chantix, which works by blocking the pleasant effects of nicotine on the brain. Soon after, contrary to his expectations, he wasn’t feeling quite right. He then learned he suffered from diabetes and high cholesterol.

Mike started turning things around when he made friends with the elliptical machine at the gym and overhauled his diet. While this knocked off some pounds, he really trimmed down after he began running to help his daughter prepare
for U.S. Army basic training.

In the spring of 2011, he ran the 3.5-mile Chase Corporate Challenge and knew he was ready for more. Since then, he has run eight 5Ks and hit his best pace at the 2011 East Avenue Grocery Run—an eight minute, 14 second mile.

Other numbers (tracked by his Nike iphone app) help convey Mike’s story. Between the Fall of 2010 and April, 2012, he has:
  • Run 434 miles in just under 66 hours
  • Participated in 136 runs
  • Averaged a pace of 9:3 (9 minutes 3 seconds per mile)
  • Burned 55,257 calories
  • Worn out four pairs of sneakers
What Mike loves most about running is the friendships and support of his friends and co-workers at Unity. Running races with others and cheering for one another at the finish line is what keeps him going!

Interested in running your first 5K or starting a regular exercise regime? Feel free to contact Mike at 723-7398 or mwoodbury@unityhealth.org for helpful tips and motivation.