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Thrive Stories

Liz Greenberg: Giving Back What She Lost

In January 2010, Patient Accounting Supervisor Liz Greenberg was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and borderline hypertension. Knowing that a healthy weight was an important factor in preventing both of these serious conditions, Liz decided to be proactive and join Weight Watchers at Work.

Weight Watchers helped Liz make the lifestyle changes that allowed her to lose weight. As she made progress her co-workers cheered her on. In less than a year, Liz lost 55 pounds and has been healthier and happier ever since.

In pursuit of a “lifetime membership” status, Liz
continues to work on herself through Weight Watchers. With such success under her belt (literally and figuratively) Liz now cheers on her co-workers as they pursue their weight loss goals through Unity’s Weight Watchers at Work programs.