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Thrive Stories

A Learning to Run Diary
by Jeri Dube, Communications Partner
Her motivation for signing up for the No Boundaries' Learn to Run program was anything  but pure. The only reason she considered the possibility in the first place was so she could write this diary.


Mary Adams was Ready
The Buddhist proverb, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear," aptly describes the transformation of Mary Adams, an IT senior systems analyst.

Between mid-February, when the Thrive program offered Unity Health System employees a Zumba class, and mid-April, Mary lost 22 inches and almost 50 pounds.


A Slimmer, Faster, Healthier Version of Mike Woodbury

Competitive running was not always Mike Woodbury’s passion.

It all began in fall 2007 when he snuffed out his 23-year pack-a-day smoking habit with a little help from the drug Chantix, which works by blocking the pleasant effects of nicotine on the brain. Soon after, contrary to his expectations, he wasn’t feeling quite right. He then learned he suffered from diabetes and high cholesterol.


Liz Greenberg: Giving Back What She Lost

In January 2010, Patient Accounting Supervisor Liz Greenberg was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and borderline hypertension. Knowing that a healthy weight was an important factor in preventing both of these serious conditions, Liz decided to be proactive and join Weight Watchers at Work.