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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Good 2U Food?

Good 2U Food is a campaign that kicked off January 1, 2014, designed to make it easier for you to choose healthy foods at Unity Cafés. Foods considered “Good 2U” are marked with a sticker so you know they’re healthy. We’ll also continue to expand the healthy options available, so there will always be more to choose from.
Part of the campaign is encouraging you to try new healthy foods. Each month, we’ll feature two Good 2U Foods and offer free tastings and recipe ideas. Good 2U Foods are currently available at Park Place Café (at Unity Hospital), St. Mary’s Café and Ridgeway.

Why is Unity so focused on my health?

As a health care organization, it’s part of our long-term commitment to improve the health and wellness of those we serve—and that includes our employees. Offering healthy choices in our cafés is just one more way we can provide a healthy work environment. Plus, having a healthier workforce makes us better able to provide health care how it should be—and keep health care costs lower for all of us.


Who decided what counts as a Good 2U Food? How did they decide?

Unity Food & Nutrition worked with Unity Registered Dietitians to determine which café items are Good 2U Foods by establishing and following a specific set of criteria. The dietitians researched similar criteria from the USDA’s Choose My Plate, New York State Department of Health, California Department of Health and eatright.org.
The criteria are:
·         If an entrée has less than 500 calories, 20 grams of fat and 800 milligrams of sodium, it will be on the list. And to keep people from feeling too restricted, any half portion of an entrée—even if it doesn’t fall under these limits—will be considered a Good 2U Food. This encourages portion size awareness, even if the foods normally wouldn’t be Good 2U.
·         Healthy side dishes, appetizers, snacks and desserts must have less than 200 calories, seven grams of fat and approximately 200 milligrams of sodium.
·         Please note that all limits are approximate; if an entrée has 513 calories but meets the criteria for fat and sodium, it’s still a Good 2U Food.

How will I identify a Good 2U Food at a Unity café?

The Good 2U Food logo indicates foods that meet the criteria for healthier foods as established in collaboration with Unity’s Registered Dietitians.

How many Good 2U Foods do our cafés offer?

When you count all the half portions of entrees and sandwiches, our cafés offer at least 100 Good 2U Foods. And as the program progresses, we’ll continue to add more. A list of 50 popular Good 2U Foods sold in Unity cafés is now available here.