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Rehabilitation after Knee Replacement Surgery

The decision to go home or get short-term care will be made with you, the Orthopaedic Program Director, your surgeon, therapists, and insurance provider. If you do need additional short-term care following your hospital stay, the Timothy R. McCormick Transitional Care Center and Unity's Acute Rehabilitation and Brain Injury program at St. Mary's provides a full range of services - from rehabilitation, to pain management, to consultative services. If the decision is made for you to go directly home, we offer several convenient physical therapy locations for outpatient visits - so it’s easy to work therapy visits into your schedule

Going to a Sub-acute Rehab Facility

The decision to go home or to sub-acute rehab will be made collectively with you, the Orthopaedic Program Director, your surgeon, therapists, and your insurance company. Every attempt will be made to have this decision finalized in advance but it may be delayed until the day of discharge.

Someone needs to drive you, or the hospital can help you arrange for transportation. Your insurance does not cover transportation home. Either your primary care physician or a physician from the sub-acute facility will be caring for you while you are in rehab. Expect to stay 5-7 days, based upon your progress. Upon discharge home, the sub-acute rehab staff will also give instructions to you.

Please remember that sub-acute stays must be approved by your insurance company. A patient's stay in a sub-acute rehab facility must be in accordance with the guidelines established by Medicare. Although you may desire to go to sub-acute when you are discharged, your progress will be monitored by your insurance company while you are in the hospital. Upon evaluation of your progress, either you will meet the criteria for sub-acute rehab or your insurance company may recommend that you return home with other care arrangements. Therefore, it is important for you to be prepared for either discharge plan, to a rehab facility or home.

In the event sub-acute rehab is not approved by your insurance company, you can go to sub-acute rehab and pay privately. Please keep in mind that the majority of our patients do so well that they do not meet the guidelines to qualify for sub-acute rehab. Also, keep in mind that insurance companies do not become involved in social issues, such as lack of caregiver, animals, etc. These are issues you will have to address before admission.

Our team earned The Joint commission's Gold Seal of Approval.
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