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  Chat Transcript
Setting Goals for Managing your Diabetes in 2012 – Jane Giambrone, January 4, 2012

dhooper 18:46:05:
Hi Laura.
lwaecker 18:48:17:
Hi dhooper
dhooper 18:57:49:
I know somebody with diabetes. They do not take very good care of themselves. What is the best way to convince somebody to set goals for themselves without being overbearing?
lwaecker 18:58:39:
Other than eating healthy and staying active what are some goals that someone should take before they have diabetes or if they have diabetes?
Jane@Unity 19:00:32:
Welcome to the Unity Diabetes Online Community! I’m Jane Giambrone. I’m so glad you could join us for our latest online chat today. Today I will share some advice on setting goals for managing your diabetes in 2012.
Jane@Unity 19:01:49:
Before we get started let me just tell you how we’ll address your questions and comments today. I answer questions one at a time, in the order that they are posted to the site, and there might be a slight delay as I respond to each question. It may take a few minutes for me to type answers to your questions, so please stay logged-in to the chat to see my response, even if it takes a few minutes. And you might need to refresh every few minutes to keep up with the latest posts in the chat.
jhb 19:03:59:
Complications of diabetes, especially kidney failure and amputations, really scare me. What are the best ways to prevent these?
Jane@Unity 19:04:23:
Hi dhooper! That is a great question. Let me introduce myself first.
Jane@Unity 16:05:19:
Let’s make this more than a question/answer session. Let us chat about setting goals for the New Year for your health and/or diabetes. There may be many people on this chat who do not have diabetes but want to get healthier for a variety of reasons.
Jane@Unity 19:06:19:
I am a trained and Certified Life Coach. A Life Coach helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be. A Life Coach is trained in many skills such as asking powerful questions and listening. Also helps one get clear about goals, helps overcome procrastination and many other skills. A coach most importantly champions you!
Jane@Unity 19:08:06:
Yes, dhooper it is tough if you know someone and they have diabetes and they do not want to set goals. I would suggest being a role model and start with your goal and ask your friend to be your support person and or accountability partner.
lwaecker 19:10:02:
Does the person live near you dhooper? Could you be gym partners or someone that person can go to if they are having trouble?
dhooper 19:12:05:
Yes she does. I might just try the gym partnership with her.
Jane@Unity 19:12:59:
Hi lwaecker, great! As you know it is important to eat healthy and be active for anyone! I would ask the question, "how am I managing stress?"
lwaecker 19:13:40:
I think that would be a great idea. Also, I would suggest possible cooking nights when you can try new recipes and so forth. The buddy system is a great way to go about this.
lwaecker 19:14:59:
I completely agree Jane. I think Yoga and other meditation tools or avenues for stress relief are a great way to aid someone when they are faced with a stressful situation. Staying healthy can sometimes create stress if an individual’s peers are not supportive.
Jane@Unity 19:15:29:
@jhb, thanks for joining the conversation. Would I be able to coach you?
K77DF 19:15:51:
I bet grocery shopping together can help too – that way you can look at ingredients together to help plan meals.
Jane@Unity 19:16:59:
Excellent conversation everyone. I appreciate the dialogue!
lwaecker 19:17:05:
Jane, would you suggest someone to carry a journal about what they have done in accomplishing their overall goals? I know I have thought about a food journal to count calories but do you think that is effective?
Jane@Unity 19:20:23:
@lwaecker, Many people find it is helpful to carry a food journal, I have a technique for setting goals.
Jane@Unity 19:21:00:
I like the SMART goal definition from Wikipedia online. A SMART goal is a mnemonic. It means: S=Specific M=Measurable A=Achievable R=Realistic T=Time Targeted. That is the step-by-step process in order to write an effective goal.
Jane@Unity 19:21:48:
Would anyone like to set a SMART goal tonight?
K77DF 19:22:04:
Sure - I will!
lwaecker 19:22:24:
That is a great idea:) I think with the new year a lot of people are doing that with working out at the gym and eating healthier. I know I am!
Jane@Unity 19:23:24:
OK K77DF, let us have FUN...What will your goal be that you can accomplish in 1 month?
K77DF 19:24:17:
I need to drink more water on a daily basis – it's my resolution – but I'm having trouble getting started.
lucyblue 19:24:26:
Fantastic K77DF, that is one of my NY goals too!
Jane@Unity 19:25:09:
K77DF. How about starting tonight?
Jane@Unity 19:25:43:
You too lucyblue, you can join.
K77DF 19:25:45:
I was doing better at home right after the holiday, but now I'm back to work finding the time to keep it up.
Jane@Unity 19:27:29:
K77DF, your specific goal is to drink water...we need to measure that goal. How much do you want to drink a day.
K77DF 19:28:00:
Hmm – 4-5 glasses? Is that enough?
Jane@Unity 19:28:33:
Is that realistic for you K77DF?
Jane@Unity 19:29:20:
Welcome Andrew!
K77DF 19:29:22:
Well – it's almost doubling how much water I drink now – too ambitious to start off with?
Jane@Unity 19:30:05:
What do you think, K77DF? This is your goal.
Andrew 19:30:43:
Hi Jane, it's Dad and Mom.
Jane@Unity 19:30:44:
@lucyblue, how about you? How much water will you start drinking a day?
Jane@Unity 19:31:27:
Hi Mom and Dad! Glad you are on the chat!
K77DF 19:31:28:
I guess I would be more successful if I just tried to drink one glass some time in the morning and one in the afternoon to start with. I think I could make a point to do that each day in between meetings.
lucyblue 19:31:38:
Well, I would like to get thru one of those 32 oz bottles at work as a starting point.
Jane@Unity 19:32:34:
Good K77DF…you are making this realistic and achievable!
K77DF 19:33:02:
I guess now I just need a water drinking buddy, right?
lucyblue 19:34:01:
Me too!
Jane@Unity 19:34:14:
We need to remember the T (Time Targeted). I like your idea K77DF in the morning and one in the afternoon to start; how long will this be the start and what is next?
Jane@Unity 19:36:19:
@lucyblue, good starting point...When will you start and how long will you stay at 32 oz.?
K77DF 19:36:29:
You're tough! Well, if I can make that part of my daily routine for the first month, then maybe I can add another glass at a different time of the day – add one a month until I am up to 4-5 glasses a day – that would take just a few months to build the habit.
Jane@Unity 19:37:42:
Very specific! How awesome, K77DF. It sounds like a good plan. I now suggest writing this goal down tonight.
K77DF 19:38:14:
OK – I can do it – you're good. Anybody else want to have Jane give you some guidance?
lucyblue 19:38:15:
I can start tomorrow and would like to keep doing 32 oz. at work permanently, then maybe see about adding another 8-12 oz. before and after work in one week. What do you think?
Jane@Unity 19:38:16:
I like this quote from an unknown author, “Goals not written down are just wishes.”
Jane@Unity 19:39:10:
@lucyblue, that is a fantastic start. Way to go. Will you write this goal down tonight?
Jane@Unity 19:39:50:
Anyone else have a goal they would like to accomplish in 2012? I can help you make it a SMART goal.
lucyblue 19:40:02:
Yes, good idea.
Jane@Unity 19:40:48:
Remember: the more specific a goal the better. Ask these questions to yourself: What things would help me meet my goal? What would success look like? What would exceeding the goal look like?
Jane@Unity 19:42:21:
K77DF and lucyblue, On a scale of 0-10 what is your confidence in being able to meet this goal?(0=not confident, 10 very confident.)
lucyblue 19:42:56:
I think a 7-8.
K77DF 19:42:57:
I would say 7.
Jane@Unity 19:45:27:
OK. Those numbers say you have pretty good confidence that you will accomplish this goal K77DF and lucyblue! Make sure you are on the call 2/1 to report how you did with your goal, we all would like to support you.
Jane@Unity 19:46:10:
Keys to a success with goals – break goals into smaller, manageable steps, anticipate obstacles, plan for overcoming obstacles.
lucyblue 19:46:45:
Thanks Jane – this is really helpful.
K77DF 19:47:15:
My obstacle will be not taking the time to actually get a glass of water...what if I set alarms on my phone or reminders in my calendar to help me stay on track?
Jane@Unity 19:47:24:
I encourage all people on this Chat who live in the Rochester, NY to attend the Managing Diabetes Classes at Unity if you or a friend or family member have diabetes. They are 4 classes. In addition to much learning I encourage goal setting in my classes and the class supports each other in their goals.
Jane@Unity 19:49:00:
Thanks lucyblue. I am glad it was helpful.
Jane@Unity 19:51:03:
K77DF Good idea, set alarms!
Jane@Unity 19:51:35:
Only about 10 more minutes, anyone have a health goal for 2012?
Jane@Unity 19:53:43:
Coaching is a terrific way to accomplish any goals. A website I recommend is www.coachfederation.org. Check it out!
Jane@Unity 19:55:31:
No one has a goal? Well I do, my goal is to lose 7 pounds in 1 month. (Yes this is achievable if I write my goal down. I will do this tonight.)
lucyblue 19:56:30:
Wow Jane – what are you going to do to lose 7 pounds in one month?
Jane@Unity 19:58:47:
Good coaching question lucyblue, I will cut down on sweets and exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes.
Jane@Unity 19:59:29:
Thank you all for joining us. I hope you got some value out of this chat tonight!
Jane@Unity 20:00:13:
That’s all the time we have for today. I’ve really enjoyed our conversation and hope that I was able to provide some insight for you about setting goals for managing your diabetes this year. If we didn’t get to your question today or if you think of another question later on – feel free to jump into the conversation in the forum, or submit a question using our “Ask an expert” feature. Be sure to join us for our next chat on Wednesday, January 18 at 7 p.m. with Dr. Bingham as he discusses diabetic complications screening. Also, please mark your calendar to join me for Part 2 of this chat session on Wednesday, February 1 at 7 p.m.
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