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Voluntary Benefits


Unity offers several supplemental insurance plans through the Voluntary Benefits Program. These plans, offered in partnership with the Farmington Company, complement your current benefits package. 

The voluntary options include: 
Accident Insurance
Critical Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Whole Life Insurance

Go to The Farmington Company's website for details about these offerings >>
Username: uny01
Password:  uny2011

Advantages of Voluntary Benefits
Voluntary benefits are designed to provide additional financial security for you and your family. And, enrolling through Unity provides several conveniences:
  • You can continue the benefits at the same premiums even if you are no longer employed by Unity,
  • Premiums are paid through convenient payroll deductions,
  • Coverage is also available for your eligible family members.
  • During your initial enrollment period*, you can obtain whole life insurance (up to specified limits) without having to answer medical questions. If you request to enroll after this enrollment period, your medical status must be reviewed before coverage can be granted.
* If you have recently begun working for Unity, you can enroll during your initial enrollment period. The enrollment period is held within several months of your hire date. Eligible employees will be notified in advance of the enrollment period and a representative from The Farmington Company will contact managers to arrange an on-site visit.

All other employees may enroll at any time during the year by contacting The Farmington Company, our program service provider, at (800) 621-0067.

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