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2015 Short Term Disability (STD) Benefits

Short- Term Disability insurance provides you with partial income protection for up to 26 weeks in the event you are unable to work due to your medical condition. You are eligible for STD benefits after you’ve missed work for more than seven consecutive days.

Automatic Coverage

As a Unity employee, you are automatically covered for 50% of your salary up to a maximum of $340/week. 

A portion of this coverage is required by New York State law. While Unity pays almost the entire cost of this plan, the law requires you to pay a small tax in support of it. Employees must pay one half of 1% of their salary, to a maximum of $1.20 per pay period.

Optional Buy-Up Coverage

You may purchase additional short-term disability coverage with the Optional Short-Term Disability (STD) Buy-Up Plan.

The Optional STD Buy-Up provides a total disability benefit of 60% of your weekly salary, up to a maximum of $750/week.

If you elect the STD Buy-up Plan at anytime other than as a new hire, you will be required to complete an evidence of insurability form.  If you elect STD Buy-Up and are approved, the coverage may begin only while you are an active employee. If you are not actively at work at the time coverage would normally start, the effective date will be delayed until you return to active work status.   

Important Information

While you are out of work due to a short-term disability, you are eligible to receive the Statutory STD and Basic STD benefits. The total benefit of these plans is 50% of your salary to a maximum of $340/week. If you elect the Optional STD Buy-Up Plan, the total benefit you receive will be 60% of your salary up to $750/week; this amount includes the benefits payable under the Statutory and Basic STD plans. Learn more about how these plans work together>>

The following employee groups are not eligible for the Basic STD Plan or Optional STD Buy-Up Plans:
  • Those who earn $17,680/year or less
  • Directors and administrators
  • Physicians 
Your Paid Time Off (PTO) hours will be used to supplement your STD benefit payment. (If you were hired prior to December 31, 1997 and have an Extended Illness Bank (EIB), your EIB will be used first; once the EIB is depleted, your accrued PTO will be used.)

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