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Health Plans

Unity offers you the choice of two health insurance plans:
  • Unity Basic Health Plan
  • Unity Enhanced Health Plan

What You Get with Either Plan

  • Coverage for your spouse, children up to age 26, and domestic partner
  • Freedom to choose any health care provider you like
  • No requirement to select a primary care physician or get referrals for specialists
  • 3-tier prescription drug benefit, with even lower prices at a Unity Pharmacy
  • 100% coverage for diabetic medication and supplies
  • Free “well physician visits” for children, free routine preventive care for adults, and flat co-pays for physician office visits
  • Annual “lifestyle allowance” for a wide range of wellness activities and services, such as gym membership and weight management programs
  • Both plans are considered “creditable" under the Medicare Part D guidelines

General Plan Differences

The Unity Basic Health Plan requires you to pay a deductible and co-insurance for some services and co-pays for other services.  You'll pay LESS in premiums than the Enhanced Plan, but you may pay more in out-of-pocket costs. 

The Unity Enhanced Health Plan requires you to pay co-pays for most in-network services. You’ll pay MORE in premiums than the Basic Plan, but you may pay less in out-of-pocket costs.

Compare and Choose

Step 1: Review the Health Plan Comparison 
Our side-by-side comparison shows the bi-weekly premiums and out-of-pocket payments for many services. View the 2014 comparison>>

Step 2: Read Choosing a Health Plan 
This will guide you through what considerations you need to make to find the plan that best suits your needs.

Note: If you are unable to afford health insurance through Unity’s plans, you may meet the eligibility requirements for Child or Family Health Plus. For more information, call Unity’s Facilitated Enrollment Department at 368-4401

Waiving Unity Health Plan Coverage 

If you have coverage from another source, such as through your spouse, you may choose not to enroll in a Unity Health Plan. You’ll still save money if you use Unity doctors or services, through the Unity Services Discount.
View more information>>


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