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Unity Health Plans

Two health insurance plans are available to benefit-eligible team members:

  • Unity Basic Health Plan 
  • Unity Enhanced Health Plan
2014 Health Plans  >>
2015 Health Plans  >>

What You Get with Either Plan

  • Coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and children up to age 26
  • Access to BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network of providers
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs when using Unity Providers --- new 1/1/15: Domestic Network expanding to include all Rochester Regional Health System providers. Directory coming soon...
  • No requirement to select a primary care physician or obtain referrals for specialists
  • 3-tier prescription drug benefit, with lower prices at a Unity Apothecaries
  • An annual out-of-pocket maximum per individual and family. Once this has been reached, the Plan will pay 100% of remaining covered services for the rest of the calendar year.
  • No cost for many preventive services and screenings, no cost “well child visits”
  • Annual “Healthy Lifestyle Reimbursement” for a wide range of wellness activities and services, such as gym membership and weight management programs
  • "Creditable" prescription coverage under Medicare Part D guidelines

How to Choose

Either plan might provide the best coverage and value for you and your family, depending on the services you use.

  • Compare the plans’ premiums and out-of-pocket costs for services you typically use. Use the Health Plan Comparison Worksheet in the Health Plan Reference Guide 
  • Visit Excellus BCBS’s Healthcare Advisor, an online tool that provides information on health conditions and treatment option and compares costs of procedures and medications.
  • To reach the tool, click “Get Started Now” and log in or register. You’ll need your insurance ID number to register for the first time. 

Health Plan FAQs

How do I request a replacement insurance ID card?
Who can I cover on my health insurance?
Do I have to submit eligibility documentation for my dependents?
What doctors can I see with Unity’s health plans?

How do I request a replacement insurance ID card?

For lost cards, contact customer service at 1-877-668-7636.   

To request additional cards for covered family members, contact customer service, OR go to www.excellusbcbs.com/unity (must have subscriber id # for this service).

Note regarding health and dental insurance cards - dependent names do not appear on ID cards, they are printed with member names only. 

Who can I cover on my health insurance?

You may insure yourself, your legal spouse or domestic partner, children up to age 26 and disabled adult dependent children (if approved). Eligible children can include your children by birth, adoption and legal guardianship, stepchildren, foster children, and children of your domestic partners. Special rules apply to enrollment of domestic partners and the children. Click here for more information. 

Do I have to submit eligibility documentation for my dependents?

Yes, if you are enrolling them for the first time. Click here for more information. If your dependent is already enrolled, there is no need to submit additional documents.

 What doctors can I see with Unity’s health plans?

You can see any doctor you would like, although you’ll save money if you see a doctor who is employed by Unity (link to updated doc listing). The costs for doctor visits and other services that are listed on the Health Plan Comparison page refer to doctors and services within the BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network. Almost all doctors and services in our local area  are part of this network, and many others throughout the United States are also part of this network. (If you want to make sure a local doctor is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Network, click here. Click on “Upstate New York Provider Network” and choose Excellus BluePPO Network from the drop-down menu.)

You may occasionally want or need to see a doctor that is not part of the BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network, in which case you will pay a higher cost for services.


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