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2015 Dependent Eligibility Rules

Note: Go to myrochealth.com/benefits for 2016 dependent eligibility.

We recognize that families come in many forms. In addition to your legal spouse, qualifying family members include:
  • Children by birth, adoption and legal guardianship
  • Stepchildren, foster children, and disabled adult dependent children (additional requirements apply - refer to Health Summary Plan Description posted on the Unity Intranet)
  • Domestic partners and their children (signed affidavit required) 
Children may be covered on health and vision insurance until age 26 and dental and child life insurance until age 23. Domestic partners and their children are eligible to participate in health, dental, and/or vision insurance only.

When Can I Enroll My Dependents?

You can enroll your eligible dependents in coverage as a new employee, during the annual Open Enrollment or within 30-days of a qualifying event, such as a marriage, birth, or loss of coverage through another source. If your spouse's Open Enrollment occurs outside of our Open Enrollment time frame, you may change your elections within 30-days of your spouse's Open Enrollment period. 

Enrollment Requirements

Domestic Partner and Partner’s Children: The first time you enroll your domestic partner and domestic partner’s children in benefits, you must file an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership and sign an Acknowledgement of Domestic Partnership Information. If you want to include your domestic partner’s children in coverage, you’ll have to file a special form for that, too.

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Domestic Partner Benefits and Taxes

According to federal tax law, the fair market value of the benefits coverage for a domestic partner and his or her children must be imputed as income. In other words, you are required to pay taxes on the value of coverage for each non-tax dependent enrolled in your plan.
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