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2015 Dental Plans

Two dental insurance plan options are available to benefit-eligible employees:
  • The Unity Basic Dental Plan
  • The Unity Enhanced Dental Plan

What You Get with Either Plan

  • Coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and your children up to age 23. View more about domestic partner coverage>>
  • Both plans cover:
    • Preventive/Routine services including oral exams, regular cleanings, and periodic x-rays
    • Basic Restorative treatment including fillings, periodontal work, amalgams, root canals and anesthesia 
    • Major Restorative treatment including crowns and bridges
  • Preventive/Routine services are covered at 100% under both plans, with no deductible or co-pay, as long as you see a dental professional who is part of the BlueShield dental network.
  • Only Enhanced Dental covers orthodontia for children up to age 19 and implants.
  • Under both plans, you may see a practitioner outside of the network. In that case, you would pay for services out-of-pocket, then submit a claim form for reimbursement. You will be reimbursed based on Blue Shield’s fee schedule for in-network dentists—if your dental professional charges more, you will be responsible for the difference.

Compare and Choose

Step 1: Review the Dental Plan Comparison Chart
Our side-by-side comparison lists out-of-pocket payments for each plan.  
View the 2015 comparision>>

Important points about Unity's dental coverage: 

  • Coordination of Benefits: If you have dental coverage from another source and wish to also participate in Unity's dental plan, claims payment must be coordinated by the insurance carriers. This is called “Coordination of Benefits.” Learn more>>

    Note: You cannot be enrolled as an employee and as a dependent on Unity's dental plans (e.g. your own and your spouse's Unity plan) 

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