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Coordination of Benefits

When you choose to be covered by two plans at the same time, it’s called “Coordination of Benefits.”

People sometimes make this choice when they like the coverage they can get from being enrolled in both a spouse’s plan and the one offered by their own employer. While Coordination of Benefits is technically possible for medical coverage, in practice it’s most often useful and affordable only for dental care plans.

There are strict rules governing how Coordination of Benefits works:
  • Your employer’s plan (in this case, one of the two Unity Dental Plans) is your primary plan. The plan that covers you as a dependent (generally, your spouse’s plan) is your secondary plan.li>
  • If your spouse has coverage with his or her employer but is also a dependent on your dental plan, your plan (the Unity Dental Plan) is your spouse’s secondary plan.
  • If Coordination of Benefits extends to your children, the plan of the parent whose birthdate falls earlier in the year is your children’s primary plan.
  • If you are separated or divorced, the divorce decree will rule on which plan is primary for your children. If there is no decree, then the custodial parent’s plan is primary. If you have joint custody, the birthday rule applies.
  • You can only choose Coordination of Benefits if your secondary coverage is from another source. If you and your spouse are both Unity employees, you cannot opt to carry duplicate health or dental coverage for yourselves or your children.
If you are covered by two plans, you must provide information about secondary coverage to each insurance company. Contact Unity’s Plan administrator, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, at 877-668-7636, to provide secondary coverage information.